AGO Philadelphia Chapter

AGO Next Scholarship Program

Sandor Kadar, FAGO,
Education Committee Chair

AGO Phila offers scholarship assistance to young organists (age 14-24) studying organ with chapter members (in good standing) for a period of up to one year and available for renewal; the scholarships will be awarded following an interview and audition. Individuals currently studying organ at college or university level are not eligible to receive a scholarship. Successful candidates will receive chapter scholarship funds up to $1,080 per year in installments and the teachers are asked to keep a record of the lessons scheduled with their students.

Interview and audition requirements are:

Students currently studying organ will be asked to play a representative sampling of the pieces currently being studied.

Students who are beginning their organ studies will need to show their keyboard ability by presenting a fast movement of a sonata by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven, and a keyboard selection by J.S. Bach.

To schedule an interview and audition, please contact Sandor Kadar, FAGO: